Anthracite for the world's drinking water
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Western Carbons produces anthracite filter media only from the finest Welsh anthracite. It is used throughout the world in the production of drinking water. Our filtration anthracite is to be found in over 135 UK water treatment works and in 29 countries.
Filter Anthracite is produced to the highest specifications and standards
European Standard BS EN 12909 - 2005
Amercian Standard AWWA B100 - 1                   NSF Type 61
Quality Control BE EN ISO 9001 - 2008
Anthracite Filter Media from Western Carbons has many advantages
*   High carbon content   -   top quality anthracite
*   Low specific gravity    -   reduces backwash rates and energy consumption
*   Angular particles   -   for low headloss and high filtration capacity
*   Total quality control   -  each bag produced is tested in our own laboratory
*   Cost effective   -   the low bulk density provides more filtration product per unit cost